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Leap in the Dark is an installation with a collection of video-experiments, video-interviews, photographs and documents. It shows my search for a wondrous image of the moon; an image that detaches itself from the familiar image of a grey and dusty surface.

I questioned myself: if we could doubt this generally accepted image of the moon, could we wonder? But how to detach yourself from the reality of films and photographs and open up to imagination?


In lunar landscapes around the world I collected video-interviews asking people about their memories of the first moon landing, the image that was portrayed and their own idea of the moon. Next to this I dig for remarkable facts within history and I create my own moon by building models, digging craters and rolling snowballs.


I try to gain control of the wonder of the moon but encounter the limits of the medium and what can be rationalized. My video-experiments are a leap in the dark, towards a condition of not-knowing, doubt and questions.




Documents of Engagement, Charlotte Poos about the exhibition 'Digging Till the Sun Goes Down':

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