In 1799, ROSETTA STONE was discovered in Egypt. Its encrypted message helped decypher hieroglyphs.


In November 2014, the European spacecraft ROSETTA reached its final destination: a comet at the border of our known universe.


In the same week Paleis van Mieris was founded.


In our first exhibition, ROSETTA STONE, we explore uncharted territory.


Paintings, sculptures, installations, video, photography and live performance and events by over 20 artists.





Merijn Bolink (special guest, Night Lecture), Esther Brakenhoff, Julie Hviid Cetti and Harriet Bakker, Marta Colpani, Barbara Dubbeldam, Marc van Dijk and Wilfred van de Poll, Annabel Hesselink, Brenda Hickin, Wim Janssen, Stephanie Koning, Carolien van Mol, Olivier Oosterbaan, Liza Prins, Maarten Schuurman, Rachel Sellem and Lotje van Lieshout, Lidewij Sloot, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Sanne van Tongeren, Arian de Vette, Steffen Vogelezang.




Participating in the Landscape Film Festival Berlin 2014


05.05 - ongoing

My first coding experiment Moon loop at ProgramaLaPlaza, Medialab Prado in Madrid


20.04 - 04.05

Artist in residence in Montalbano Elicona, Sicily: Trasformatorio #1


Two weeks filming, photographing, playing with sound and discovering the art of diy steadycam at the medieval castle of Montalbano with an incredible group of artists.

The Secret Sound Project with Victor Diaz Barrales

Our pink unicorn takes over the castle!

Build my first diy steadycam with Mikko Laajola



Interviews in which I try to find out where our image of the moon comes from.


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Selected for Plat(t)form 2014 at the Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland


Plat(t)form 2014 is a three day event (24.01 - 26.01) at the Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland) where about 40 selected artists from all around Europe present their work and get to meet incredible curators, collectors and artists.


My book Kongopapieren is

sold out



In the 'Grote Haagse Kunstkalender 2014' (Big the Hague art calender)


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Interview by 'het Nutshuis' the Hague and the blog 'Meet the Creatives'


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